Sit back and relax with 50 mins of outback stories, jokes and yarns as told by Russell Coight on his new C.D.

(and other funny outback stories as told by Russell Coight.)

Join Russell live at one of his many outback shows as he takes the audience on a hilarious joke filled journey through the outback.

Stories included are:
The Three legged Bushranger
The two eyed trouser snake and
You can get Bucked

Genuine outback stories by a genuine outback man.

Please note some of the language is rather fruity, and not recommended for children under the age of 15.

(Music by Russell & MeredithCoight)


  1. Outback Man
  2. Advance Australia Fair
  3. Outback Man Acoustic Version
  4. The Maca-rain-a ( The drought breaking song)
  5. Outback Man Acapella
  6. The Locomotion (A tribute to the Ghan)
  7. Daintree (written and sung by Mary Coight)
  8. Nut Bush (The Bush Tucker rap)
  9. Outback Man extended Version
  10. All Aussie Adventures Theme Song


So you have always wanted to bring the noises of the outback into your own lounge room?....Well now you can! With Russell Coights brand new Album

(Impersonations of Aussie Wildlife by Russell Coight)

That's right not only is Russell Coight a ruff and tuff outback adventurer he can impersonate over 100 different Australian Wildlife Animals and birds. You too can impersonate wildlife with the fully illustrated instruction booklet included.

As Russell always says "once you get your finger in the right position and your tongue doing the same..... the rest is easy"