"Coight" The Russell Coight story

Price: $35.95 (Aussie Dollars).

Having grown up in the Aussie outback, Russell Coight was and still is a man of the land. The trails and tribulations of growing up in such a harsh environment, creates a story that just has to be told and in Russells new book "Coight" he pulls no punches.

In his time Russell has done it all, mustering, roust about, helicopter pilot, four wheel drive expert, conservationist, storyteller and all round outback character.

From outback boy to T.V. star, read it all in "Coight":

"The Simpson desert is a beautiful but harsh place. Hot days are contrasted by freezing nights. It was day 12, water was running low, we didn't have much fresh food and too much of that sun can send you a little crazy.

Jenny (a hitch hiker I picked up on her way to the coast) had become somewhat distant. Was it the heat? Was she home sick? Or was it the small argument we had a few days ago? Who was to know?

The good times weren't far away, It was only a matter of time, it always is in the outback. So it came as a real surprise when Jenny drove over me in the 4WD and even more of a surprise, when she backed over me again. As she drove off into the sunset, I thought to myself, is this it? Is this the end of Russell Coight?

Late the next morning, Jenny returned, picked up her suitcase and drove over me again. Life can be tough in the outback but when I'm up against it, I will never give up!


Russell's Poetry

Even though Russell comes across as a tough and rugged guy, he has an emotional side too and the best way Russell finds to express it, is through poetry. Please enjoy some of his latest works.

Ballad to the damper
Damper is my favourite treat
With butter and jam I love to eat
You fill my tummy up to the brim
You give me energy to muster and swim
Fluffy hot from the open fire
If I said it weren't great I'd be a liar
So Damper please don't go a stray
Cause I love to eat you everyday
Visions of the outback
The wildlife here In the great Southern land
Isn't our country just so Grand
Kangaroos bound And koalas sleep
If you are quiet you may get a peep.
Corrugated iron On an old cattle farm
Muster the cows With horses from the barn
The great sandy deserts And red dusty plains
It makes up Australia Plus the sugar cane
In Australia the big island land
Isn't our country really grand?
Ode to the sunset
Sunset that is golden brown
Upside down you turn my frown
In the outback you rise and set
The desert sand thats never wet