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Meet the Team Q&A with Russell Coight

Chrissie really loved getting away from the big smoke and rolling out her swags (17 swags in fact, along with suitcases, packs, laundry bags and a wooden trunk - this girl doesn't travel light!)

On the road again!

Another day, another dusty outback road.

Russell's Angels! (The girls actually wanted to pose with real guns but, as I explained, firearms are not to be used for mucking around, unless you're really bored).

Listen, destroying a four wheel drive is nothing to be proud of but we promised the vehicle sponsor to get a few a publicity shots. Look out for this photo as part of Toyota's new 'Oh What a Feeling!' summer campaign.

I gave Phil strict instructions that he was not to fraternize with the celebrities but he couldn't resist getting a few snaps.

There's nothing like enjoying a hot cuppa in the bush.

Snakes are a natural part of the bush environment and I was pleased to help the group overcome their fear of these wild creatures by finding some and then hitting them over the head with a shovel.

I knew there was no way I could pull this trip off without an experienced, intelligent, resourceful camp assistant. Unfortunately, I got Phil. (Only joking of course! Phil was a great help and I'd really like to give him a pat on the back although in a very manly, strictly platonic way, as there was absolutely no physical contact involved and never would be, end of story).

Relaxing round the campfire at the end of a long day is one of the best parts of 'going bush'. and every night the group looked forward to hearing my extensive store of humorous yarns.

I'm not much of a reader but I sure enjoyed getting to know Laura. To be honest, she would have to be one of the smartest women I've ever met, with the possible exception of my Aunty Val who can recite every Darwin Cup winner from 1932 whilst skulling a beer.

Hanging with the boys!

Cricket legends don't come any more legendary than my old mate Craig Bennett, snapped here on of the trip's few alcohol-free days. (He assured me the can was full of ginger ale).

Happy campers!

It was great getting to know Ben and swapping musical ideas. He's very interested in recording my song On the Wings of a Desert Emu for his next album.

Suzie Michelo would have to be one of the hottest young rising stars on Australian TV. Her series Pony Club Express is apparently huge in Malaysia (where it's known as 'Horse Run Fast Girl Cry') and there's talk of her making an appearance at next year's Carols By Candlelight. I tell you what, this girl's star is definitely on the rise!
Meet the Team
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