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Meet the Team Q&A with Russell Coight
  Craig Bennett
Aussie cricket has produced its fair share of legends but they don't come much more legendary or 'larger than life' than my old mate Craig Bennett. We met a few years back at a charity fund-raiser and really hit it off, despite the fact he bowled me for a duck! Since retiring from cricket (he was not, as some newspapers reported, 'pushed' by the A.C.B.) Benno's career has gone from strength to strength. He's greatly in demand as a corporate speaker, appears on an Adelaide breakfast radio show and has fronted ads for a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. We were lucky that he managed to find time to join us on the trip!

  Laura Dunn
I'm not much of a reader, especially since Australasian Post went up-market, but I was thrilled to the back teeth when award-winning author Laura Dunn agreed to join us on the trip. Her first novel There Or Thereabouts was described as 'a tour de force of fractured narrative' which I'm told is quite good, and it went on to win a Premier's Literary Award. She's also just been given an Arts Council grant to live in Paris for 12 months where she'll be working on a book about Tasmania. Bright, brainy and beautiful, Laura was a great addition to the Celebrity Challenge.

  Chrissie Grant
In the cut-throat world of modelling, Chrissie Grant stands head and shoulders above the pack, especially in high heels. Bright, beautiful and with big things in front of her (and I don't mean her breasts because that would be sexist), Chrissie's already had some on-camera experience, hosting a kick-boxing series for cable TV. But Russell Coight's Celebrity Challenge was her first chance to take a starring role and, judging from initial feed-back, I think we'll be seeing quite a bit more of this lovely lady, although it won't be nude because Chrissie doesn't do those sort of shots any more.

  Suzie Michelo
One of the cutest child-stars in Australia, Suzie Michelo first appeared on stage at the age of three when she won the 'Most Precocious' award at a local beauty pageant. Since then she's made her name starring in Pony Club Express playing the role of Holly, the junior dressage champion with a heart of gold and prosthetic leg. Despite being the youngest member of our group, Suzie soon found her feet and was great to have along. (Note. Suzie wanted me to mention that she is no longer managed by her mother and any inquiries regarding professional appearances should now be addressed to her legal representatives).

  Ben Tourneau
I love nothing more than introducing this magnificent country of ours to overseas visitors and so when international rock star Ben Tourneau agreed to join the trek I was really chuffed. His debut album (which also happens to be his first) sold thousands of copies around the world and one of the tracks, Cruisin', was even used in a TV ad for boat insurance. During the trip Ben and I enjoyed swapping musical ideas and he's promised to call me next time he's in the studio and needs a session banjo player.

Phil was our official navigator and, thanks to his map-reading skills, the trek was able to get from A to B, often via C, D and - on one occasion - M, but that was partly due to a technical problem with the compass.

Meet the Team

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